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Private Lessons

Please contact one of our Directors to get set up with Private Lessons.  We can do 1-on-1 or work with groups up to 6 athletes at a time to simulate more game situations!  

Exciting and intense personalized training designed for boys and girls of all levels including goalkeepers.  Our low player to coach ratio allows for our staff to work individually with each player so they can experience how Division I athletes train to improve their personal skills.  

With our offensive coaches you will learn new techniques and skills that will help improve your shot, footwork, dodging, etc. Power shots, finesse shots, accuracy, speed, footwork, dodges and faking are all very important. We focus on developing you into a complete player who is always a threat, can shoot, dodge and feed in any game circumstance.  

While working with our Defensive coaches, you will focus on footwork, proper stick positioning on the field, communication, checks, slides, clear, and more.  They always says - the best offensive, is a great defense.  We will work with you to make your defense great!

The goalie position is often viewed as the most vital position on the field. It is a highly specialized position that requires a specific set of skills.  Goalkeepers at this clinic will receive personal training with our experienced goalie coaches focusing on hand-eye coordination, footwork, clears, technique, etc.  Step up your game in the cage both physically and mentally!